Procedure & Fee Structure

Admission Procedure

The school academic Year starts from 1st April .The admission may be granted throughout the year depending upon the availability of seats. Admission fee once taken is not refundable. The tuition fee is payable on a Quaterly basis :
 1st Quarter (April, May, June)
 2nd Quarter (July, August, September)
 3rd Quarter (October, November, December)​
 4th Quarter (January, February, March)
Fees must be paid before the 10th of each first Quarter month by CASH or CHEQUE in which the fee is due failing a fine of Rs. 100/- will be levied .If the fee is still not paid within the calendar month of each quarter then Rs. 50/- will be FINED PER DAY till the dues are cleared.
If a cheque payment is not honoured on presentation for any reason, a penalty of Rs. 300/- will be charged as cheque 
dishonor charges. Subseqently the parents will have to deposit the fee including cheque dishonour charges in cash only 
at the school fees counter and in future cheque payments will not be accepted by the school.
If the child is taking admission in the middle of the session you have to pay fee for full session.
If the Child remains absent for longer duration due to any reason then school will not adjust his/her fee for the Quarter.
No deduction is made in any fee for holidays or broken periods.
If the fees is not paid even after two due dates, the name of the child will be struck off from the roll. It is not obligatory on part of the school to send a fee reminder. Re-admission fee of Rs. 1000/- will be charged, if re-admissionis granted. Re-admission of such students will depend on the discretion of the school authorities.

Fees Structure

The fee is decided based on the facilities that are being offered and the setup that is proposed to be maintained. An important factor is that our fee is inclusive of all expense that the child would need to incur in a year. 
The Annual activity charges are non refundable.
Special activity charges are taken for Special Visits.
If the Admission of your child is withdrawn after 2nd Quarter Installment then you are liable to clear all 4th Quarter Installments.

Refund Policy

Thirty (30) days’ advance written notice must be given to kidz planet before withdrawing a child. Registration fees, Tuition fees, Admission Fees, Annual charges etc are non refundable or not adjustable under any circumtances.