Reason To Start A Play School:

  • Interacting with children and growing and flourishing overall personalities.
  • A feeling of pleasure for playing the role of an Educationist in the society who provides a crucial learning experience to the children.
  • Owning a successful business operation simply because the demand for quality Pre-school education will never moderate.
  • The comfort of getting scheduled earnings in the form of school fees, which would multiply every year due to increase in the admission of pre school kids.
  • Scope for development and diversification in the near future.

Why Kidz Planet Franchisee?

  • Element of uniqueness in KIDZ PLANET that makes it difficult for other players to create and sustain something very similar.
  • All necessary assistance and training to set up and start off.
  • A License to operate under the Brand Name of Kidz planet Web Portal.
  • Montessori based courses & curriculum with book based content.
  • Managing the complete student life cycle like conducting examination, certification etc.
  • Learning Management System (L.M.S).
  • Student Admission system.
  • Student Admission Confirmation.
  • Student Kit Study and Material.
  • Offline examination system.
  • Help-line & Support System Round the clock support system through qualified & trained professionals for all business aspects.
  • Widest Range of Educational Programs & Services.
  • Longest Business Cycle & Academic Period of 365 days.
  • Reasonable & affordable Franchise fee &high royalty – No hidden costs – No false promises.
  • Year Long Revenues & Profitability.
  • Guidance for organizing functions, seminars, events and promotion campaigns.
  • Designing of marketing and promotional material such as newspaper advertisement, posters, banners, catalog, pamphlets, etc. Ongoing support to branches on how to improve business.
  • Prestigious & White Collared, Smart Business.