Love And Care

When you show your love to your baby by hugging, kissing, coddling and making her feel secure and being cared for, you are helping to develop her brain.  You are also making her grow to be socially well-adjusted.
Yet there was a time when child care “experts” and grandparents would advise that the best way to treat your baby is to let her cry so she can learn to be tough, leave her alone so she can be independent, and not respond to her signals because it would spoil her.
The human baby is the most socially influenced creature on earth.  When your baby is born, her brain is the least “hard-wired”, the most flexible, and requires to be shaped by experience.   Your baby’s earliest experiences with you, the parent, shape what is to become of her as an adult.   It is as a baby that she learns about how to feel and handle her feelings – and this affects her later behavior and thinking capabilities.
Loving, touching and responding to your baby’s signals help your baby’s nervous system to mature without being overstressed.  Your love makes a baby feel secure so she can be unhampered in developing her brain in other ways.