Partnership With Parents

We ensure on parent’s involvement for better development of your kidz ones. Kidz are at home for the major part of the day and it is important and for the parents to know that we have learn to them at kidz planet and how??

Daily communication:-

Daily parents -school communication (feedback, concerns, instructions, messages, updates, etc.) can be by phone, sms, email, student school dairy copy and/or in person.

Open house session:-

Held every quarter of month , open house session enables teachers to share activities, observations and portfolios of children’s work samples with parents, so as to highlight their progress and achievements throughout the month. An additional feature of conference notes helps parents and teachers discuss what works and what needs to be changed in the learning and growing experience of each child both at school and home.

Parents educational modules:-

This programme is ideally conducted at the first day of the school, Parents’ educational modules helps them to communicate our expectations about the curriculum for the academic year.  At these sessions teachers and parents can establish the platform for sharing feedback, tummy time snacks, celebration and elaborate on teaching, learning and behavior management practices at school to be carried out at home too. You are the best guide of your child developmental journey. So lets begin... we are waiting for interact with you.

Parents involved school activity:-

parents involved school activity where parents are invited into the Kidz various activities and celebrate of various school events.

Constant online updates:-

Constant updates on the website of school or on social media platforms are presented through articles and photographs that describe the children’s engagement in classroom projects, activities, school events.